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Guyana a bird lover’s paradise! Birds! Why birds? Many persons from time to time would have asked this question. People from all over the world love birds as they are mentioned in poems, stories, can be seen in painting as well as others expressions of art. Since time immemorial, birds have captured human imagination and are included in everyday life. There appears to be a special and increasing interest towards birds as everyday people study them, read about them and even travel miles to see them in natural habitats. The South America continent holds approximately one third of all bird species found on earth as well as a wide variety of bird families and endemic species. Guyana, virtually an unknown destination, is a birder’s paradise with over 800 species and still counting! Guyana is vastly populated on the coastland and the interior is largely unpopulated.

Within the interior is the convergence of Guiana shield (one of the four pristine tropical rainforest left in the world) with the Amazon basin which allows for this vast eco-system to create a rather diverse habitat for more than 800 species of birds of 72 families. In the capital city of Georgetown, over 200 species can be found from 39 families alone. Guyana with its awesome birdlife holds an aura of mystique and fascination among birders who have shared this experience. In recent times Guyana has attracted the attention of some international birding operators and media. Documented works were completed by Dorothy Snyder, Davis Finch, Robert Fernandes, the Smithsonian Institute and the Guyana Amazon Tropical Birds Society. In our 83,000 sq miles which has tree regions main geographic regions, coastlands, rainforest and savannahs, a number of highlights can be found in addition to our birds. We boast the majestic Kaieteur Falls, the largest single-drop waterfall in the world and home of the famous Cock-of-the Rock; the Kanuku mountains, home to more than 50 percent of our avifauna, 70 percent of Guyana’s known mammal species; Iwokrama Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development is the home to thousands of our unique plants and animals. Our tours awaits your arrival to witness our bird paradise here.



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