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Roraima (Venezuela Side Tour)

Day One:

Depart Georgetown by bus for Lethem.

Day Two:

Arrive at Lethem on the Guyana/Brazil border for your onward journey to Boa Vista.
Day Three:
Journey from Boa Vista t to the hotel, Santa Elena Venezuela; after lunch, visit Quebrada de Jaspe, then
return to the hotel for dinner.
Day Four:

Your day will begin in a four-wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser on a three hour long 67 Km trip via paved
roadway then 22 Km on a bumpy dirt track to the Roraima's Paraitepuy Village.
This run is along RORAIMA’s Paraitepuy is a Pemon indigenous village whose inhabitants, cater to the
tourism industry; they are mainly tour guides and porters. Their services will engaged before we begin an
approx. 5 hour trek to the Kukenán River where we spend the night. 

Day Five:

The day’s activity will require an unrelenting uphill trek at your own pace.  Lunch will be served
somewhere along the trail.

You will overnight and dine in camping tents, on the banks of Kukenán River. 

These waterproof tents pitched by the guides, can each accommodate three persons.


Day Six:

After breakfast you will set out on a trek through savannahs mountains and creeks through  Mount
Roriama’s foothills where your night will be spent at the spirit-Lifting place.

Day Seven:
The climb to Roraima’s  summit will begin at approximately 8:00 hrs  in order to go up
Mount Roraima
wall (approx. 4 hours). Using the path called La Rampa (The Ramp) that goes up and down and goes
through and over beautiful rocky spots and a large plant variety. There is no danger because the path
DOES NOT go near any cliff.  We will reach the top in time to have lunch

The rest of the day will be absorbed in the exploration of a multitude of surprises in the camp
environs; exotic rocks with animal shapes, endemic flora and fauna (only found in the area); here
you’ll spend the night.  It should be noted that the temperature on the tepui is cold and night
it can go down to 8 or 9 degrees Centigrade.  There are water pools of various sizes where one can
bathe, although the water is freezing cold. The Roraima Tepui is a truly magical place, with the
appearence of  a moonscape.

Camping tents are set up in what we call the “hotels”, but are really caves beneath jutting rocks that
provide protection against the wind and the rain.
Day Eight:
This day will be spent exploring Roraima’s summit with visits to Penis and Crystal Valley, Elephant
Rock; you’ll encounter breathtaking valleys, gorges, sandy beaches, mist and fog, fissures, rock
formations, pools, waterfalls and some of the strangest vegetation you’ve ever seen, just to name a few
experiences.  And in the Valle de los Cristales you will see some of the world’s most colorful crystals.
Day Nine:
Your return to Roraima’s foothills will get you to the Tek River where you’ll spend the night.
Day Ten:

The trek will take you back as far as Paraitepui where transportation will be waiting to take you to
Santa Elena for a rest and a delicious meal and a relaxing night of fun memories.

Day Eleven:

This day will be devoted to relaxation and reflection upon a storehouse of priceless memories as you
embark on a return trip to Boa Vista.

Day Twelve:

Journey to Lethem for your flight back to the city.

This Tour season is from February to April 2011

Transportation, Meals, Accommodation and Tours.
Package: USD$1,200.00



Back- Packers- Inn
For a comfortable affordable, safe and central accommodation for
USD$20.00 per day.
45 Main Street Plaza Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana South America
Tele: 592-668-6501/592-225-5911

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