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Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city was largely designed by the Dutch whose engineering trademarks may be noted in irrigation canals and tree-lined avenues dividing the streets of the capital.  The city’s ornate Georgian and Victorian wooden buildings are also evidence of its colonial heritage.


Some of the best examples of this colonial architecture are beautiful wooden buildings such as:


  • City Hall which houses the Mayor and city Council offices.
  • St. Andrew’s Kirk, the church that is the oldest standing wooden building in Georgetown dating back to the early 19th Century
  • The Public Buildings
  • Parliament Buildings
  • The Supreme Courts
  • St. George’s Cathedral
  • Stabroek Market, built on land and water

This Georgetown City tour also takes in sites and visits to:

The Botanical Gardens Zoological Park

  • The National Museum
  • The Castellani House Art Gallery, repository of the country’s National Art Collection
  • The Umana Yana (Meeting Place) Benab in Kingston, with its spectacular thatched roof constructed by Wai Wai Amerindians brought to the city for that purpose
  • Red House
  • The Promenade Gardens
  • The 1763 Monument, an impressive statue of Guyana’s National Hero, Kofi, sculpted by the prominent artist Philip Moore, that stands prominently at the top of Brickdam
  • Banks DIH Limited, the corporate beverage giant that bottles one the world’s best beers
  • The Celina Atlantic Resort and finally
  • The Georgetown Seawall, to relax, refreshed by soothing ocean breezes wafting from the Atlantic.

Duration: 8 hours

Package: USD$60.00



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