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Kanuku MountainsRecognized by Conservation International as being one of the few  remaining pristine Amazon habitats, The Kanuku Mountains is almost  3000ft high.  This picturesque mountain range forms a spectacular  backdrop to the Rupununi Savannahs with its sculptured crowns peaking  just below the clouds.
The Kanuku Mountains is a birdwatcher’s paradise; over 60 percent of the birds in Guyana can be found in the Kanukus alone, including the harpy eagle,  white bell bird, oil bird, pompadour cotinga, golden crowned manakins,  several species of macaws, as well as many parrot and toucan species.  Guianan red cotinga, zigzag and fascinated tiger heron are also regularly   spotted.
Mammals rank high in the Kanukus, with over 75 percent of Guyana’sspecies found in the area.  Black spider, howler, squirrel, brown capuchin  and bearded saki monkeys are common, as are the giant river and  neotropical otters.  Nocturnal species such as paca, opossum, ocelots, and  many species of rats and bats can be seen on night drifts.
With little or no human settlement on the eastern range, the area is still unspoilt, a haven for adventure travelers seeking to experience nature’s   diversity.  The region is also home to the Wapishana and the Macushi  Amerindians who have inhabited the mountains for many generations.
Day One:
A stimulating twelve hour bus ride from Georgetown will take you to Lethem via Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation & Development, and the Rock View Resort in Annai, an Amerindian village through golden Rupununi savannahs below the Pakaraima Mountain range.

Day Two:

Arrive in Lethem for an afternoon tour.

Day Three:

Very early  in the morning “before bird wife wake”  as the Guyanese say, you will set out across the Savannahs for Kanuku Mountain to begin an eight hour rigorous 2500ft climb to Schomgurgk Peak where you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of the entire North and South Rupununi Savannahs.  
You’ll also have the opportunity to view Harpy Eagles’ nesting places and an abundance of flora and fauna in this environment ranked second of the most bio diverse areas in Guyana.

Day Four:

An early return to the foot of the mountain to indulge in an invigorating water massage in the refreshing waters of the  Kamu Falls; then  return to Lethem for lunch before the returning to the city with a treasure trove  of  priceless memories.

Season: January to April & September to November
Duration: Four days

All inclusive Package: US$1000.00




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