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Day one: Do enjoy an eight hours bus ride from the city to Pamela boat landing via Mahdia mining town.
Day two: Have a spirit lifting boat ride up the Potaro river to Tukiet where you spent the after noon fishing for the Himara fish for a fish fry in the evening and a camp fire to close the night.
Day three: Do enjoy a three hours challenging Kaieture climb up there the “Oh my God” hill, after which you will be able to explore the Kaieteur Plateau.
Day four: Have your first day trek to Amelia 610 ft water falls on the Kararubrang river.
Day five: The second day will be more challenging than the first as you approach the 610 ft Amelia water falls as the roar invites you from a far distance.
Day six : This day will be spent discovering the hidden  secrets and beauty of Amelia water falls.
Day seven : Trek through the jungle to the Potaro river landing for the boat to Pamela Boat landing.
Day eight: Trek from Pamela landing to Mahdia for your bus to the city where you will be afforded to digest your fun memories.
Duration: 8 days
All inclusive Package: USD$1000.00



Back- Packers- Inn
For a comfortable affordable, safe and central accommodation for
USD$20.00 per day.
45 Main Street Plaza Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana South America
Tele: 592-668-6501/592-225-5911
Email: fallsviewtours@yahoo.com

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