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Day One:
You will begin this challenging cycling adventure from Guyana’s capital city Georgetown. Later you’ll arrive at the bauxite mining town, Linden for a tour and your first night.
Day Two:
Continue cycling from Linden to Mabura village.
Day Three:
From Mabura, A more mountainous trail will get you to Mahdia mining village for another tour.

Day Four:
Cycle from central Mahdia to Black Water Creek to begin a challenging climb up the 4000 ft Toucan Mountain.
Day Five:
Trek from Toucan mountain top to Ginger Waterfalls for a panoramic view of the falls and its scenic environment.
Day Six:
Trek to the spectacular John Daniels Waterfalls for an invigorating water massage.
Day Seven:
Trek to Karsaparu Patamona Amerindian Village some 2100 feet above sea level to experience some Amerindian culture.
Day Eight:
Trek to Chenapau Amerindian Village where, according to legend, The Mighty Kaieteur Waterfalls got its name.
Day Nine:
You will canoe through the captivating scenery and mountainous river banks of the fast flowing Potaro River, on your way to the Mighty Kaieteur Waterfalls, for an awe inspiring tour.
Day Ten:
Begin your trek down the 2000 ft Kaieteur Mountain to Tukeit with your canoes for a rewarding fishing experience at Tukeit.
Day Eleven:
Unwind on another canoe trip down the Potaro River to Amatuk Falls via Waratuk rapids for some camping and fishing activity.
Day Twelve:
Canoe to Pamela Landing; then begin a rigorous hilly off road cycling again, to Mahdia township.
Day Thirteen:
Cycle to Tuamaturi.
Day Fourteen:
Set off on a challenging trail, cycling your way to Bartica township.
Day Fifteen:
Arrive at Bartica.
Day Sixteen:
Participate in a 1.5 miles Essequibo River swim from Bartica Regatta pavilion across to River View Resort.
Day Seventeen:
Your final day’s activity will include canoeing from River View Resort to Shanklands point, then across to Kaow Island and back to the Bartica Regatta pavilion for presentation ceremonies. 
All Inclusive Package: US$8,000.00



Back- Packers- Inn
For a comfortable affordable, safe and central accommodation for
USD$20.00 per day.
45 Main Street Plaza Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana South America
Tele: 592-668-6501/592-225-5911
Email: fallsviewtours@yahoo.com

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