Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur & Orinduik Waterfalls TourKaieteur Falls, first seen by a European, Barrington Brown, on April 29, 1870; situated in the heart of Guyana’s Rainforest on the Potaro River, a tributary of the Essequibo.  
Kaieteur, one of the worlds natural wonders, flowing over a sandstone conglomerate plateau into a gorge 822 feet deep, five times, the height of Niagara Falls.
No other waterfall in the world can boast the magnitude of Kaieteur’s 741ft sheer drop.  
Kaie-teur (Old Man’s Falls) derives its name from the Patamona Amerindian legend that Kai, one of the tribe’s chiefs, sacrificed himself for the benefit of his people, by canoeing over the falls.  
Kai believed that his sacrifice would encourage the Great Spirit Makonaina to save the tribe from being destroyed by the savage Carubishi.
Kaieteur supports a unique micro environment with
Tank Bromeliads, the largest in the world, in which the tiny Golden frog spends its entire life
The rarely seen Guiana cock-of-the-rock nests close by.

The lucky visitor may also see those flights of Kaieteur Swifts or Makonaima Birds that nest in the shelter of a vast shelf of rocks carved by centuries of water curtained by everlasting mists.

Orinduik Waterfalls

Kaieteur & Orinduik Waterfalls TourThe Orinduik Waterfalls, where the Ireng River thunders over steps and terraces of solid jasper (a semi precious stone)
Orinduik stands out in relief against a backdrop of rolling grass-covered hills of
the Pakaraima Mountains; truly one of the most beautiful locations in Guyana’s hinterland.   
Orinduik ‘s name is related to the Amerindian [Patamona] word, Orin, an aquatic plant found in these falls.  
The Ireng River forms the border between Brazil and Guyana.  
In contrast to Kaieteur, Orinduik is ideally suited for rock climbing and swimming.
Orinduik  Falls creates a natural Jacuzzi of cascading water over steps of Jasper.       

This tour leaves from Ogle Airstrip.

Duration: 8 hrs (with two hours on the ground at each waterfall).
All inclusive Package: USD $340.00travel hotels