Ready for a spirit-lifting, nature depicting eco-tour that’s full of adventure? Try our exciting five-day overland trek to Kaieteur Falls.  You’ll get all that and more in one inclusive package prepared by Falls View Tours; a wild and rigorous experience, chock full of lasting memories beginning with:
Leave King’s Plaza Hotel on Main Street, Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city, to travel along the East Bank of the Demerara River on the Linden Highway; pass through the bauxite mining town, Linden; then on through miles of forest to the traveler’s rest stop at # 58 Miles Mabura Road.  Here, your pause for refreshment will include lunching on wild meat such as labba and wild cow, bush fish, or chicken, if you prefer.  Your journey continues to the bustling gold mining town of Mahdia via the Demerara Timbers community at Mabura and the Essequibo River crossing at Mango Landing.
On your journey, you will indulge in a spot of Mahdia mining town, observing some of Guyana’s rich pork knocker (gold miner) culture where your night will be spent.

At Mahdia  early morning, you will set out on an hour-long 4x4 vehicle journey to Pamela Landing, for a Potaro river boat trip to Amatuk Falls; a brief stop on this beautiful white-sand island, in full view of the 50-ft drop Amatuk Waterfalls, will afford excellent photo opportunities. So too will remarkable Ebine Mountain views as you proceed upriver through Waratuk rapids to Tukeit to gather inspiration from a full view of “Old Man’s Beard Falls”, to be energized for the 2000ft climb to the Kaieteur Plateau.
This demanding three-hour long adventure, will begin with a gradual ascent to First Falls where you’ll pause to refresh yourself before continuing through the pristine forest in the second hour, a more challenging climb on a rocky trail that leads to the first ravine.  The third hour will find you whispering its name as you challenge the legendary “Oh M’God!” mountain slope, a name given by pork knockers to this last, steep incline of fascinating rock formations on the ascent leading to the Kaieteur Plateau.
Finally leaving the forest, arriving at Johnson’s Viewpoint, you will encounter the awe inspiring spectacle of the Mighty Kaieteur Falls, the world’s highest single drop waterfall, thundering in all her majestic glory 741 feet over the Potaro River escarpment; you will declare to yourself in breathless wonder that this spectacular view is worth the entire trip, all the effort it entailed.
You’ll have great photo opportunity also, viewing Kaieteur from four vantage points; witnessing from the brink of the falls, a multitude of swifts grouped in orderly flight formation as they enter their roosting places in the cave behind the waterfalls.
In the evening, at dinner, you’ll savor the Kaieteur National Park staff’s hospitality, including the recounting of legendary tales associated with “Old Man’s Falls”, another name for the Mighty Kaieteur


Kaieteur National Park is a birdwatchers paradise.  An estimated more than 20 percent of all species of birds in Guyana can be found in this Park alone; these include the white bell bird, oil bird, pompadour cotinga, golden crowned manakin, several species of macaws, as well as a large number of parrots and toucan species.  The Guianan red cotinga and zigzag and fascinated cock of the rock are also spotted regularly.
Mammals also abound in Kaieteur National Park; the black spider, red howler, brown capuchin, and bearded Saki monkeys are as common as giant river and neo tropical otters and bull frogs.  Nocturnal species such as paca, ocelots, and varied species of rats and bats can be spotted on night drifts.  With little or no human settlement upriver, the Kaieteur Park area is still un-spoilt...an exceptional experience in biodiversity for the avid nature lover and adventure traveler.
You’ll arise at dawn to witness the natural wonder of the Mighty Kaieteur, one last time; you’ll see those swifts by the thousands leaving their cave behind the falls as you bask in the cool refreshing ambience of the epitome of Guyana’s pristine rainforest environment; you will be invigorated, ready for your return journey down river back to Mahdia onto the city, with a treasure trove of memories.
All inclusive package: US$700.00mondial travel insurance