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August 1st Emancipation Tours

July 29: Arrival in Guyana; over night at Splashmins Resort.
July 30: At dawn, visit Orinduik Falls for a refreshing water massage and a visit to Guyana’s pride, Kaieteur Falls, the highest single drop waterfall in the world.  From Kaieteur, you’ll set off along the Potaro River into the Essequibo River for Baganara Resort where you’ll have lunch and a splendid night.
July 31: Early, before bird wife wake, digest a Mazaruni River Tour to KyK-Over – Al Fort, Marshall Waterfalls and ride the rapids for the adventure before you journey to the City via Fort Zeelandia and Parika township.
August 01: Participate in one of Guyana’s grand cultural events; the annual Emancipation Day celebrations.
August 02: Digest a city tour. In the evening, depart Georgetown by bus, for a tour of Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation & Development Centre; see spider monkeys, black caimans, land turtles in their natural habitat.  Also, experience the unique flora and panoramic view atop Turtle Mountain.
In the evening you will set out on an expedition to experience some creatures of the night.
August 03:  A visit to the canopy walkway and Surama Amerindian Village to observe the lifestyle of the Macushi Amerindians living in harmony with nature.
A tour up the Buro Buro River will complete a memorable day.
August 04:  Visit Rock View Resort in Annai before setting off on a safari through the golden Rupununi savannahs to Karanambu Nature Resort to view giant Otters in the Rupununi River.
August 05:  Set out on a Safari to Yupukari, Nappi, Moco Moco village and the hydro electric project in the foothills of the Kanuku Mountain Range and spend the night at the Silver “J” ranch.
August 06:  Set off to Lethem; then to Boa Vista, for an exciting night tour of that Brazilian City.
August 07:  Relax with an over night tour to the Eco-Pak resort.
August 08:  Return to Lethem for an aerial tour to view the South range of the Kanuku Mountains, Dadanawana Ranch, Shea Rock, Annai Village; then an hour’s flight to Linden Bauxite Township for an aerial opportunity on your way back the city.
August 09:  On this day you’ll set off on an open speedboat ride through the waters of the mighty Essequibo River, en route to a tour of Mainstay Resort.
August 10: Return to Georgetown.
August 11: Digest a detail City Tour.
August 16 to 25: Celebrate with us on our Jamzone Cultural Annual Event.
August 26: Depart Guyana with your treasure trove of indelible memories.
All inclusive Package: US$6000.00 per person.



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